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Evolution of a Design

I'm often asked how the design process works. How the various elements come together. The following is a punch needle design "Memories of Tuscany". The pictures show various stages of the design, as the idea progressed from a rough sketch, into a finished stitched work.

  1. A tiny picture of a Villa from a rental site for Tuscany. And already I've added some renderings.
    Villa from a rental site for Tuscany

  2. Expansion on the Villa.
    Expansion on the Villa

  3. Artistic license continues.
    Artistic license continues

  4. The idea for the wrought iron window shutters.
    Wrought iron window shutters

  5. Everything comes together.
    Everything comes together

  6. The finished stitched piece "Memories of Tuscany".
    Memories of Tuscany

Add a healthy dose of creative mind, an eye for design and pattern, and a pinch of inspiration, and there you have it!