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Making a Fine Wire Necklace
with the Wonder Knitter

Wonder Knitter Package

You Need:

  1. 1 x Wonder Knitter
  2. about 18 feet of 26 or 28 gauge wire
  3. Beads that will fit onto the wire and through the whole in the middle of the Wonder Knitter, and ones that will add elegance and uniqueness
  4. Lobster clasps or other type of closure
  5. Wire cutters
  6. Needle Nose pliers
  7. Epoxy glue

Making the Necklace:

  1. Thread as many beads as you would like to use onto your wire. You can thread extra beads and take them off later. Let the beads slide down a bit on the wire.
  2. Thread the end of the wire through the hole in the centre of the Wonder Knitter. Leave enough wire hanging that you can gently pull on it after the first few stitches.
  3. Grasp the wire at the top of the Wonder Knitter. Make a small loop, place it on one peg. Then wrap the wire around the other 2 pegs in an anti-clockwise direction. Secure the wire in the slit provided.
  4. For right handed people, hold the Wonder Knitter in your left and with the tension post to your left. Use your thumb and forefinger to turn the top disk.
  5. Keep the wire taunt but not tight. Turn the disk, and when the wire sits against the grooved outer edge of the knitting posts, use the green hook to lift the botton loop of wire over the top one and into the middle hole. The new wire is then left on the post. The groove on the pegs is designed to allow you to slip the green hook under the wire easily.
  6. After several stitches stop and pull the tail of the wire downwards. This keeps the wire from slipping up the knitting pegs while you work. This also gives you an indication of how much you have made.
  7. Normally beads are added to the center of the necklaces not the sides. To achieve this knit about 6 inches of wire necklace. Then start slipping a bead between the knitting pegs. Add a bead about every 3 pegs. If you want a huge splash of color add a bead at every peg. If you are using huge beads then only add one at every 4th or 5th peg. Add beads for about 6 inches. But you may change this to create your own unique pattern. You can also add beads of various colors and sizes.
  8. Return to knitting another 6 inches without beads.
  9. Use the green hook to lift one of the wire loops off its peg. Pull the end of the wire through this loop and pull taunt. Repeat same for the other pegs/ loops.
  10. Remove the necklace from the middle of the Wonder Knitter and pull the wire end tight.
  11. You may squash and/or compress the ends of the necklace a bit to make it easier to attach the clasps.
  12. Leave the centre of the necklace a bit fuller as this gives it a more pleasing look.
  13. Grasping the end of the wire pick up a closure and wrap it around and around the loop on the closure. Use Needle Nose pliers to squash the ends of the necklace. Try to tuck in any loose ends. Cut off any stray ends. Add a drop of Epoxy glue for extra security, if you wish.
  14. Put the necklace around your neck and close the clasp. Check to see if you want to pull it a little longer. Remember this will squash the knitting.
  15. Enjoy.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at

Wire Bead Necklace