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A biscornu is an interesting little eight-sided pin cushion that has become very popular recently. The word biscornu (sometimes written biscournu) is derived from a French adjective, meaning skewed, quirky or irregular. Many English speakers, especially those from the Southern United States, think that biscornu is a cognate of the word biscuit. Well, it is similar in shape and size to a hand-pressed biscuit! Regardless, biscornu are basically made from two embroidered squares sewn together on point; the corner of one square meets the middle of the other as the two pieces are whip-stitched together and stuffed, creating the a quirky, skewed pillow. Additionally, many are finished off with a button in the center of the design top and bottom.

Most biscornu are worked in cross-stitch or Blackwork Embroidery, because the even weave linen or AIDA (pronounced like the opera) fabric lends itself to counted techniques. While they can be made using traditional fabric, it is hard to get them the exact same size without the help of the counted fabric.

Biscornu - Sunflower

New Design

Biscornu - Waterlily

New Design