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While every effort is made to ensure instructions are accurate, occasionally I miss something. Also, sometimes thread companies discontinue threads or colors so substitutions are necessary. Please find information below on possible substitutions or corrections to charts where necessary.

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'F' is DMC 915, please replace 'K' DMC 915 with 'F' DMC 915

Dutch Mother and Child

> is DMC 3326
e is DMC 335
c in a circle is DMC 322 using only one strand of thread
R is Mill Hill bead #02006 it is on page 2 of your instruction sheets after all of the outlining

There are two R in the pattern, one for the leaves and one in the sleeve.
The symbol in the sleeves needs to be changed to D which are the beads in the sleeve.

The r with the circle may be an a on your instruction sheet but should be
the r with the circle. It is DMC 3841 1 strand

Southwestern Mother and Child

P is DMC 435
' is DMC 739